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First mushroom course of 2015 (oyster mushroom)


The first training will be held 7-8 January, this is exclusively for oyster mushrooms, invest $95 dollars and attend this extensive course included in the package is 10kgs spawn free (will be given on your first order of spawn), maunual, lunch and snacks will be provided.

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Want to loose weight: eat mushrooms


There are many things you can do to loose weight but they all come down to two main things: how many calories are you taking and how many are you loosing. You can loose weght by simply reducing your calorie intake or you can mantain the calorie intake and simply burn more calories than you are taking.

Diet plays a crucial role in weight loss while physical activity remains as relavant. Mushrooms are low in calories and have virtually zero fat. Mushrooms are important to human healthy as was found in many studies done to understand how mushrooms can be helpfull to those who want to lose weight.

Follow the link below for more details on wy mushrooms will help you loose weight.

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