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Chido Govera receives the Yo Dona Award for her humantarian work.


This is not a motivational blog but today I will write a motivational story about Chido Govera who has defied all odds to succeed in life.  She receives the Yo Dona award for her humantarian work accross the the world. The ceremony is on tonight in Madrid, Spain.

She has become a brand, not only in mushrooms but her involvement with communities and in particular helping young children who face the same predicament she faced years ago.

Not only has she trained but knowing her personally I have come to know she has helped with personal finances to support children in Zimbabwe and across the world, she has also offered her services to others for free.

How many people facing difficulties will one day remember to help others in solving life’s challenges? What inspires me even more is that she does all these things quietly although she has received wide coverage from all over the world.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Every Zimbabwean has to be proud of her and not only that but to know that as Zimbabweans we can overcome all challenges and be great individuals and country. She also challenges our herd mentality that “if everyone else is in the same situation then we are all in it and there is nothing I can do”. Most Zimbabweans would give an excuse for not doing well in life on the political and economic challenges, she has proved one can still do well in Zimbabwe and beyond.

Kate Winslet (The Titanic actress) was also given the award at the Yo Dona Awards in Madrid, on June 21, 2011 while Dr. Vandana Shiva also received the award in the


Chido was opharned at an early age before venturing into mushroom growing since then she has never looked back, she has trained children and all in mushroom production all over the world. She has passion for children and ophans in particular helping them grow mushrooms and help alleviate hunger, poverty and malnutrition.

I have been talking to mushroom growers this week and they are all excited. Shine Chido shine, you have made us proud and the whole nation.

Mushtella takes this chance to congratuate Chido for raising the mushroom and Zimbabwean flags high.

Food revolution day: The role of mushrooms in ones health and its cholesterol reducing properties.


As I join others in the world on this day: Food revolution day. I would like to call upon all Zimbabweans to pay atention to what they eat. I would also like to encourage people to know their health status all the time last but not least physical activity is crucial to ones health.

As a mushroom farmer I am happy to play my role in building a health society in my small way.

Mushrooms are rich in the non-starch polysaccharides (NSP) chitin and beta-gluten. Recent research demonstrates that these NSP, or dietary fibre, can help to reduce blood cholesterol and protect against heart disease.

Let’s fight obesity and we will reduce diseases associated with it, mushrooms do not have fat and yet they are rich in protein,vitamins and minerals.

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