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Simple ways to cook mushrooms as relish with Sadza (Zimbabwe’s staple)


I have many people asking how they can cook mushrooms. And sometimes clients say they are not buying mushrooms till they buy rice and my question to them is what has rice to do with the mushrooms. I am now working on recipes but I wil keep them simple.

One can have mushrooms and sadza,rice or any staple food. You can have mushrooms at breakfast or just mushrooms alone.

Mushroom & Sadza:

I am not going to give recipes now but just tips on how to cook your mushrooms so you can enjoy them with sadza. There are several types of mushrooms and the way we prepare them must differ too. We are a specialty mushroom company and as such I will focus on specialty mushrooms. I haven’t experimented with button as a relish for sadza but I will work on it and come back to you.

Oyster mushroom: this is one specialty mushroom that you can easily get in Zimbabwe. Before cooking don’t wash them as they will absorb too mush water. Mushrooms have enough water such that you may not need to add water during cooking.

Oyster Mushrooms are so versatile and you can have them as you do vegies to your meat or they can be just as the main relish. Prepare in any way you prepare your other relishes only that don’t overcook them. They will loose flavour. Oyster mushrooms does well in stir fry. Don’t add too many ingredients or you will loose the flavour.

oyster mushrooms also does well with peanut butter. Just prepare as you prepare other peanut butter dishes. Some who have cooked wild mushrooms ask how to cook the cultivated ones,if you have cooked wild mushrooms then you can also cook the cultivated ones.

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