Mushroom Growing in Zimbabwe

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How To Grow Edible Mushrooms And Grow Rich

Zimbabwe is a beautiful sub-tropical country located in southern Africa, surrounded by South Africa to the South, Zambia to the north, Mozambique to the East, and Botswana to the West. Its geographic co-ordinates are 20° 00’S and 30° 00’E.

In the past seven years intereImagest in mushrooms greatly increased in Zimbabwe. This is mainly due to the current shortage of mushrooms on the local market, which has caused prices to escalate. Mushroom cultivation has subsequently become a highly profitable activity.

The use of mushrooms as food crosses all cultural boundaries. Mushroom consumption in Africa and especially in Zimbabwe, has deep traditional roots. Mushrooms have been gathered since time immemorial in Zimbabwe and are featured in many local dishes, medicines, and appear in culture and folklore. Many Zimbabwean traditions regard mushrooms as gifts presented to the people by their ancestral spirits in the forests. For this reason the sale of…

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