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Mushroom farming: Turning waste to wealth


Mushroom farming: Turning waste to wealth.

Top 8 Reasons Your Mushrooms Are Not Growing And How To Remedy Them



How To Grow Edible Mushrooms And Grow Rich

Learning how to grow mushrooms is like any skill. Sometimes you succeed. Sometimes you fail. The important thing is to keep trying and learn from your mistakes.

Yet it can be really frustrating to start out with what you believe is a successful mushroom project, only to have it produce nothing. Trust me, I know. It’s happened to me many times!

Although many factors may influence your success, there are some common mistakes that can be easily avoided. I’ve listed eight big ones below, along with practical solutions.

If you’re just learning to grow mushrooms, review this list to save yourself both time and heartache. Even if you’re a veteran, it never hurts to come back to the basics.

  1. Not Enough Moisture

Mycelium, the underground vegetative growth of a fungus, needs a moist environment to thrive and produce mushrooms. Mushrooms themselves are mainly water, so if you let the mycelium dry…

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Mushroom farming: Turning waste to wealth


How To Grow Edible Mushrooms And Grow Rich

My personal experience as an agric entrepreneur has proved that farming mushroom, antelope, quail, rabbit, grass cutter, snail, laboratory rat and guinea pig is second nature.

 In the case of mushroom cultivation, its production gives small farmers a big chance to increase their income, improve their health and offers an alternative means of livelihood to urban and rural farmers. The process of growing mushroom is one of the easiest ways to earn a living and not much physical strength is required in its production.

 The potential in mushroom farming makes it an investor’s delight as a viable money making option. Investment in mushroom production will, in the long run, contribute to food security, wealth, health and employment creation.

 Getting started

Starting a mushroom farm is a potentially lucrative way of getting into the farming business.  Its cultivation is also regarded as one of the most science-based branches of agriculture…

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Mushroom Growing in Zimbabwe


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How To Grow Edible Mushrooms And Grow Rich

Zimbabwe is a beautiful sub-tropical country located in southern Africa, surrounded by South Africa to the South, Zambia to the north, Mozambique to the East, and Botswana to the West. Its geographic co-ordinates are 20° 00’S and 30° 00’E.

In the past seven years intereImagest in mushrooms greatly increased in Zimbabwe. This is mainly due to the current shortage of mushrooms on the local market, which has caused prices to escalate. Mushroom cultivation has subsequently become a highly profitable activity.

The use of mushrooms as food crosses all cultural boundaries. Mushroom consumption in Africa and especially in Zimbabwe, has deep traditional roots. Mushrooms have been gathered since time immemorial in Zimbabwe and are featured in many local dishes, medicines, and appear in culture and folklore. Many Zimbabwean traditions regard mushrooms as gifts presented to the people by their ancestral spirits in the forests. For this reason the sale of…

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First mushroom course of 2015 (oyster mushroom)


The first training will be held 7-8 January, this is exclusively for oyster mushrooms, invest $95 dollars and attend this extensive course included in the package is 10kgs spawn free (will be given on your first order of spawn), maunual, lunch and snacks will be provided.

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