Mushtella improves spawn quality for all types of mushroom

We continue to research and develop on our spawn so as to continuosly improve quality and meet high demand from our clients.

In pursuit of that dream mushtella is making a few adjustments to how we work with out our clients. The following adjustments are with immediate effect.

Clients are now required to inform us of their orders 30days in advance, 15 days before the collection date a deposit if 30% will be due and the balance will be paid on collection.

We have now reverted to hulls spawn due to a number of considerations. We will no longer sell grain spawn. The price of spawn is now $3.50 per kilogram. We will no longer sell quantities less than 50kilogram per each order.

Any inconvinience caused is sincerely regreted, the adjustments are meant to improve spawn quality and efficiency on our side.

New types (shiitake, auricularia judae,ganoderma lucidum,hericium erinaceus and paddy straw as well as new pleurotus strains) are now ready for sale.


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3 Responses to “Mushtella improves spawn quality for all types of mushroom”

  1. AM (@Amarom3) Says:

    i really have become passionate about growing shiitake mushrooms, were are you found? I am interested in buying the mushroom spawn.

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