oyster mushroom growing experiences

Today I had like to share with you my experiences in south Korea when I went there for training, in the
picture you will see that the bags that this farm are quite small to what most of us growers here in
Zimbabwe know or practice, such small bags achieve high yields as compared to our big bags, The bags in
South Korea are standardized (one thing we lack here) the diameter is usually 14-15cm, substrate (ww) is 1kg.

What struck me was one farm that harvest only one flush and throw all the bags away (this is due to high costs High costs the farm incurs) they can’t afford the second flush, substrate is made such that the first flush is heavy and  subsequent flushes are insignificant even if they were allowed.

From the picture you can see that that mushrooms in the basket are very small (high quality) such
mushrooms have a long shelf life, better in taste- mushrooms are graded usually in t trtree grades, the honest truth is that what most growers sell here is not sellable in Korea and other countries as the mushrooms are too big and have a poor taste.

one thing I had like to high light is the use of black bags and transparent ones, its best to use black bags for
reasons I cant give details here, but its important to have a few transparent bags to allow the grower to see
what is happening inside, this allows the grower to see growth rates, contamination and it allow s the grower
to learn a lot on the behaviour of mushrooms.

Most growers in Zim are familiar with hanging bags, there are many ways that can be used, as in the image
that farmer stack bags on the shelves.

I hope the image will tell more stories than the ones I have high lighted.

happy mushroom growing!!!!!!!!!!!!oyster mushroom


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