How to start growing mushrooms?

So many people call me wanting to start mushroom growing most of whom due to folklore think that you can “plant” mushrooms today and then start harvesting the following day or that it’s an easy thing to do. If you think of growing mushrooms get training and the best is to get a consultant who can take you through all the stages. It takes a lot of reading to be a good farmer. Then there are those who do not want to pay training and consultancy fees and go it alone, my experience tells me 99% of them fail. There are some who request to come and visit and see how I do it, I have been too generous I allow them to take a farm walk most of the ones who visited me will go quite and never call me, I guess for two reasons a) some just hear mushroom growing and think its easy, so when they see what it takes they give up b) some when they visit and see how we are doing it, go and do it on their own and I know most just have the first crop and give up. It takes innovation, creativity and commitment to study. My advice for now is online “how to” articles are good but they need to be adapted to the local environment and conditions. I know many people try to cut corners and get training from inexperienced trainers- that’s also a good recipe for failure. In my future doses I will write how to grow mushrooms type by type,
Whatever you do keep it profitable.

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