Cashflow challenges for mushroom growers

The talk these days in Zimbabwe is liquidity challenges facing all industries in the country, well this is not an economics blog, will just touch on economics in one way or the other, I know mushroom growers are no exception to this challenge especially taking into consideration that over 90% of sales are credit sales mainly to supermarkets and hotels. At Mushtella we believe in helping you solve challenges of cash flow in various ways, first we have done research into low cost production systems so that the price gets lower, we have different packages to suit all your needs depending on your cash flow. You don’t have to stop spawning because you don’t have spawn, our prices are now ranging from $1.80 – $3 per kg send me refer to our brochure for details or call me for details, $ 3 is for those buying on terms our packages are very flexible taking into consideration of the liquidity challenges. May all growers note that all orders are subject to a 50% deposit. Our spawn is not only limited to those in Zimbabwe but we also export.

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