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lighter note

I heard this from my friend who was selling spawn: a lady bought spawn, she came after some time to buy more but she had a complaint, the mushrooms never came out, it is upon that my friend had to investigate why, thats when he was told the lady had made a bed in her garden and applied manure then she “planted” the spawn into the soil. I laghed my heart out, for those who dont know how mushrooms are grown: – mushrooms are not grown in soil while soil might be used at a later stage in the production cyle of some types, get trainning before you venture into the business, the lady was then given the information on how to grow mushrooms.

Spawn & Training for non governmental organisations


We have a special package for all community mushroom cultivation projects or other projects that are supported by non governmental organisations spawn will be sold at $2 per kg and training will be offered at $20 per person this is a social responsibility project.

Growing manuals


I have seen people failing in growing mushrooms so many times, one of the challenges is that growers are reading too many material on the internet and foreign books without realizing that it works in the country the person is writing from and there e is need to change things to suit ones own environment and available materials, for instance sawdust is available in abundance in other countries whilst in Zimbabwe its not easily available.

To overcome this challenge I have written manuals that cater for mainly the Zimbabwe growers whilst they can be read in general by those in other r countries. I have manuals for button and oyster($25 each) and the spawn production manual going for $50 get in touch and improve your business, making your own spawn helps to reduce costs, get in touch and I can help you start your own spawn laboratory.



Something is happening in the mushroom industry, we are re-launching our spawn to the Zimbabwean, we are offering spawn at low prices this has not been done in the country, we have been researching on how we can reduce costs on spawn production so that farmers can earn higher incomes especially in this winter when mushroom prices go down, farmers will definitely need low input cost especially spawn which constitute the highest percentage on the cost of production for most growers. Further research is underway to further reduce cost on spawn and on bag production and we will be giving more information to farmers, keep checking for more details. Spawn will be sold at $2.50(10% discount per kg for purchases exceeding 100 kgs), $2 for community projects.

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